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1 Day in Amsterdam
5th Dec 2013
1 Day
15th Feb – 15th Feb 2014
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Day 1
Amsterdam (15-Feb-2014)
  • 1
start time
  • Dam square
  • 11:06
    0.5 km
    7 mins
    08:00 17:00
    Public Transport
  • 13:17
    3.2 km
    11 mins
    Amsterdam canals
    Public Transport
  • 15:30
    1.0 km
    13 mins
    09:00 17:00
    Public Transport
  • 17:39
    2.8 km
    9 mins
    Public Transport
  • 19:52
    1.0 km
    12 mins
    Stedelijk museum
    11:00 18:00
    Public Transport
  • 21:53
    0.2 km
    2 mins
    Van gogh museum
    10:00 18:00
    Public Transport
Day 1
8.70 Km
About this Trip Plan
Day 1 of itinerary begins at 09:00am on 15th Feb 2014 covering 8.7 kms distance .
09:00 hrs
Dam Square, Amsterdam, Netherlands
02:00 hours.
02:00 hours here.

Dwaze Zaken Cafe Kobalt

Central station is the nearest

    - There are a lot of cafes and restaurants available in this square, but as the place is so famous, getting a table takes a lot of time in the restaurants. - Time taken to see the place: Considering the continuous buzzing of activities, it may take you a few hours to explore the entire place. You can finish the tour within half an hour as well. It depends upon your time, preference, taste and interest.

Reaching next attraction Begijnhof by 11:06 which is 0.5 km away from Dam Square and will take 7 mins to reach by walk .
11:06 hrs
Catharinastraat 45, 4811 XE Breda, Netherlands
-1 USD
02:00 hours here.

The Hard Rock Cafe Bel Hamel Sea Palace

Dam Square

    - The interesting fact about this place is that a lot of single women live here till date and the tourists are required to maintain silence as a gesture of respect to their lives of solitude. - Time taken to see the place: if you have a contemplative inclination, then you may take a whole day to see the place. Otherwise in general, an hour should be sufficient.

Reaching next attraction Amsterdam Canals by 13:17 which is 3.2 km away from Begijnhof and will take 11 mins to reach by car .
13:17 hrs
Nicolaas Witsenkade 1a, Amsterdam 1017 , The Netherlands
02:00 hours here.
  • Sea Palace- the best place to enjoy exotic sea food cuisines
  • Bel Hamel known for its great ambience and mouth watering French cuisines
  • Casadi David is the Italian eating option for you.
  • Dam Square
    • The old buildings and the restaurants make a wonderful sight for the tourists which can be best enjoyed by opting for the cruise.
    • No parking charges.
    • Unlimited boats for adventure.
    • Ticket price: none (however, a token amount is charged for the boat rides)
    • Time taken to see the place: depends upon the type of cruise chosen as per choice.
    • Normally a couple of hours are enough to have a quick visit of the canals.
    • Open time: 24x7 (except for the time when the canals remain closed for maintenance for a day or two every week)
Reaching next attraction Rijksmuseum by 15:30 which is 1.0 km away from Amsterdam Canals and will take 13 mins to reach by walk .
15:30 hrs
Museumstraat 1, 1071 XX Amsterdam, Netherlands
15 EUR
02:00 hours here.
  • Burgermeester is famous for its burgers.
  • Hard Rock Cafe is for tea, coffee and snacks.
  • Hobbemastraat is the nearest bus stop
    • Photography and filming are not allowed.
    • Security check is mandatory and you cannot take big bags with you.
    • Open time: 9 am. Open on all 7 days a week, since 13th April, 2013
    • Close time: 5 pm and the ticket counter closes at 4.30 pm
    • Ticket price: € 15 is the entry fee for the adults to the museum. No entry charges for tourists of 18 years and less.
    • Time taken to see the place: It depends upon your preference and choice.
    • If you want to explore every nook and corner of the museum, then you will need weeks. On the other hand, if you just want to go through the collection, then a few hours of time will be enough.
Reaching next attraction Vondelpark by 17:39 which is 2.8 km away from Rijksmuseum and will take 9 mins to reach by car .
17:39 hrs
Museumkwartier, Amsterdam, Netherlands
02:00 hours here.
  • The Brown Cafe The Golden Bear
  • Leidseplein tram stop
    • You can enjoy this place very much with caution.
    • Close time: none, however you should not roam alone after dark
    • Ticket price: no charges to enter the park and you can even enjoy free music concerts at the open air theatre there.
    • Time taken to see the place: you can explore the things within an hour or you can spend your whole day watching people and enjoying your time relaxing and in any way you want.
Reaching next attraction Stedelijk Museum by 19:52 which is 1.0 km away from Vondelpark and will take 12 mins to reach by walk .
19:52 hrs
Museumplein 10, Amsterdam 1071 DJ , The Netherlands
15 EUR
02:00 hours here.

The golden bear The Browns Cafe

Museumplein tram station

    - Open time: 11 am on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and 10 am on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. - Close time: 6 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and 10 pm on Thursday. It is closed on Mondays. - Ticket price: EUR 15 for adults, EUR 7.50 for kids up to the age of 12 and for the kids below the age of 12, the entry is free. - Time taken to see the place: depends upon your interest level and the amount of time you want to spend there. - you can enjoy visiting various galleries and the audio journey as well.

Reaching next attraction Van Gogh Museum by 21:53 which is 0.2 km away from Stedelijk Museum and will take 2 mins to reach by walk .
21:53 hrs
Paulus Potterstraat 7, 1071 CX Amsterdam, Netherlands
14 EUR
02:00 hours here.

- The Grasshopper Coffee Shop - Burgermeester - Pancake Bakery

Hobbemastraat is the nearest bus stop

    - During the time of renovation, the paintings and other artefacts are taken to a nearby hall and showcased to the tourists. - Open time: 10 am. Except during the time of renovation and on certain holidays - Close time: 6 pm - Ticket price: €14 per adult and no entry charges for children below the age of 16 and for the Amsterdam Card holders. - Time taken to see the place: Considering the fact that this tourist attraction is one of the hugest in the world encompassed with creative wonders by legendary artists; it will take a few hours depending upon your interest level as well.

End of Day 1