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Madrid is the capital city of Spain and although it doesn’t have much to offer in architectural wonders, the city is rich in cultural diversity and a vibrant nightlife. Art, fashion, music and fun are what lives in Madrid and it they are the main reasons why people flock to the city year in and year out.

Madrid is often called Spain’s party town and this is because there are events and festivals held all year round. This is not only to attract visitors but it’s because that is what the spirit is like among locals of the city as well. Fun, fun and more fun is what’s in store for any visit to the beautiful city of Madrid.

The climate in Madrid is that of extremes. In summer it is unbearably hot and in winter it is bitterly cold. Summers also have storms that will shake you to your bones. The most rain falls during spring and autumn and winters are dry and icy.

Winter is a beautiful time in the city because it is dry albeit fairly cold. It is best to rather plan your trip around the weather or if you want to go for a specific carnival or festival then do that. Remember that summers are often too hot and stormy so perhaps stick to December – February for a visit.

Getting into Madrid is quite simple because it is a tourist hub and most airlines have direct flights to the Spanish capital. You can also take the bus or train as well. Once in the city you can get around using Madrid’s superior metro rail system or other forms of public transport like buses and taxis. There are organized bus tours as well and you can even rent a motorcycle and see the city that way if you like.

Basilica de San Francisco el Grande

This massive church is difficult to miss as its imposing hulk marks the landscape of Madrid. It was built in the late 1700s and is busy undergoing restoration. Inside you will find many frescoes from artists.

Capricho de la Alameda de Osuna

A sight to behold, this fantasy garden offers visitors a tranquility that isn’t readily found in the buzzing city of Madrid. There’s an artificial river that runs through the trees, rose gardens and mock temples.


You will be able to experience the history and cultural richness of the city of Madrid by visiting the many museums in the area. Casa de America, Fundacion Juan March and Museo Arqueologico Nacional are a few of the more popular museums to visit.

Palacio de Cristal

Made purely of glass and wrought iron, this structure is home to different exhibitions at various times. It is often sculptures and other pieces that are enhanced by the atmosphere created by the building that is housed here.


Faunia is a zoo and a theme park all rolled into one. It creates a realistic replica of the various ecosystems around the world. You can take a walk through the Amazon Jungle and in winter you can watch penguins at play.

Faro de Moncloa

You get to the top of this radio communications tower (92m) in a glass lift that will leave an impression if you struggle to deal with heights. The view is breathtaking once you reach the top where you will be privy to one of the most beautiful skylines in Europe.


ABC Serrano

If it’s shopping you’re after then this eight storey shopping mall is the perfect solution. Four whole floors are dedicated to designer fashion, jewellery, audio-visual and crafts. There are restaurants on three of the floors and a gym right at the top.


El Canto de la Cabra

An intimate indoor theatre seats about 70 people and shows from traditional Spanish to international and even dance are presented all year round. During summer the outdoor performances on the patio are quite popular as well.



Ananda is one of the biggest and most famous clubs in Madrid. It has one dance floor inside and one outside as well as ten bars.


Cardamomo is a well-known flamenco club that is a firm favourite with locals and tourists alike. They often have live flamenco and rumba acts and it is the perfect place for a night out dancing.

If you are on a budget you can try one of the many smaller hotels and inns in and around Madrid. Starting at as little as €40 you will be able to find comfortable accommodation with important amenities like wifi. 12 Rooms, Abalu and Abba Madrid are just a few examples of these.

The Hotel Ritz and The Westin Palace are two of the most popular five star hotels in the city. If your budget allows and you want the full treatment of a luxurious stay while in Madrid then you should check out these hotels.



For Mediterranean cuisine you won’t find anywhere else, you must visit Sula. The restaurant is one of the most popular in the city and is often frequented by celebrities from all over the world.

La Isla del Tesoro

Decorated to resemble a garden, the restaurant uses its charm and varied menu to attract customers. People love the laid back vibe and the friendly waiters. Of course, the food is good as well.

La Corral de la Moreria

By far the most renowned restaurant in Madrid, La Corral de la Moreria offers the best in Spanish cuisine accompanied by the best in flamenco music. Patrons will definitely feel like they’ve stepped into another world when visiting this much-loved spot.


San Isidro

Fiestas held in May in honour of Madrid’s patron saint, San Isidro. It involves nights of colour, loud music and dancing in the streets. 

Madrid en Danza

Madrid’s international Dance Festival runs for about three weeks in April of every year. Shows are held at various theatres and there are also workshops and exhibitions. 

San Antonio de la Florida

One of the biggest summer street fairs in the city, San Antonio day is June 13 and is celebrated with much raucousness in the streets. 

Travel Tips

Always take advantage of the free activities around Madrid – there are many. Also be sure to check for reduced rates on certain admission times to places you want to visit as this will allow you to make the most of your stay without breaking your budget.

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